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Leggodt A/S was
established i 2005, and has since then been one of the leading dealers on toys for shops and department stores throughout the Nordic countries.

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Welcome to Leggodt A/S

Leggodt A/S was founded in 2005 by Mr. Kristian Bjerregaard and Mr. Eilif Lytje.
Since 2005 Leggodt has imported childrens rideons and gametables for the Scandinavian
market and later also for the rest of the European market.
During these years we have built a substantial amount of experience in selecting and cooperating
with Asian manufacturers that meet our demands in quality and consistency.

In 2013 we received the Gazelle award for being among the fastest growing
companies in Denmark. We take pride in this award as 
well as our growing
number of customers and it has motivated us 
to look beyond the
Scandinavian borders and focus on all of Europe.

We believe we have something to offer, not just in the range of products
but also in terms of reliability, competence and not least sincerity.

Why choose us?
We have gathered some of the key factors we believe make us valuable to our customers
and hope to bring even more into a future cooperation with you.

- Largest importer of electric ride-ons in Scandinavia -

- Years of experience importing electric ride ons -

- Exclusive rights for sales of the Azeno brand in Europe -

- Exclusive rights for sales of the Stanlord brand in Europe -

- Exclusive rights for sales of the Elitetoys brand in Europe -

- Large spare parts program -

- Drop shipping all over Europe -

- Cooperation with the largest manufacturers in Asia -

- More than 20.000 units in storage, ready for delivery - 

- Optional exclusive rights on specific  models -

We look forward to do business with your company.

Mr. Eilif Lytje
Direct Phone: +45 6989 9488

Mr. Kristian Bjerregaard
Direct phone: +45 69899489