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Stanlord Table Tennis Genova 2 - full international size

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Stanlord Table Tennis Genova 2 - full international size

Stanlord Table Tennis Genova - New Enhanced Version - Full Size.

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Stanlord is a Danish brand specializing in table tennis, pool tables, and related accessories. With a focus on quality and innovation, Stanlord offers a range of products that cater to both recreational players and enthusiasts.

he original Stanlord Genova table tennis table in the famous top quality but enhanced with powerful wheels and frames, and a thickness of 15mm playing board for those who do not want to compromise on quality.

Is foldable so it can be folded and rolled away on wheels.

A really good table, both for institutions or private.

The table complies with the international tournament goals.

The height when the table is folded is 165cm

The table tennis table comes with net, bat and 3 balls.

Length: 274 cm Width: 152.5 cm Height: 76 cm
Weight: 63kg
Playing board: 15mm
Color: Blue
Frame: 35 mm thick
Wheels: 50 mm
Net: Mounted with "clips" spring, easy to install.
Playone: Yes, one plate can be folded up, so a player can play.
Foldable: Yes, can be folded up and driven away on wheels
Transport: 4 wheels are fitted so the table is solid or easy to move.
Additional equipment: Yes, included 2 x bat and 3 x balls.

Stanlord - because quality and branded products are not required to cost extra.
When choosing your new table tennis table, it is important to ensure that the quality is in order and the table has been tested for normal use. There are many copy products on the market, and the differences can be extremely great for the overall experience of the table when you use it.
When you buy a table tennis table from Stanlord, you get a product where attention is paid to the details and where there are many years of experience behind.
In addition, the purchase of a Stanlord gaming board has the advantage that spare parts are easy to get in case of accident.