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Stanlord  Pool table 6" fods Dart Sanremo Dinning with accessories

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Stanlord Pool table 6" fods Dart Sanremo Dinning with accessories

Stanlord Pool table 6" fods Sanremo Dinning with accessories

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* Stanlord Pool Table 6 foot Sanremo Dinning
* Stanlord table tennis
* Stable pool, table tennis and dining table
* Professional rubber bands and adjustable feet
* Designed for 6 seats

This pool dining table also doubles as a table tennis table, with its great space-saving design means it only requires the floor space of one table, offering you a stylish dining table with two great games in just one table! Swap between pool, table tennis and dining in seconds by simply swapping the tabletops.

The Stanlord Sanremo is made of durable hard MDF and comes with adjustable feet so you will always be able to
have your eating / pool table to stand exactly even, even on uneven floors.

The pool table is covered with a quality durable velocity dress that gives precise shots. The bands are made with the same rubber as the professional slate should.
Perfect for beginners as experienced players.

Total size: length 186.4 cm, width 105.2 cm, height 81.2 cm.
Weight incl accessories 94 kg
Adjustable legs
Material: MDF Wood
Accessories: 1 set 2 1/4 "Balls 2 two-piece cows 1 Triangular to draw balls and brush to clean the pool table, 2 bats, 3 bats and one net for table tennis.
Pack size: Length 199 cm, width 102 cm, height 79cm