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Stanlord Pool table 7"  Aura LED with accessories

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Stanlord Pool table 7" Aura LED with accessories

Stanlord Pool table 7" Aura LED with accessories

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For you who want an exclusive table with built-in LED lighting, great looking and playable.
The AURA table looks really nice when the built-in LED light is on, it invites to play.

AURA is of course with approved K66 rubber bands, K66 is approved by the BCA (Billiard Congress of America), they are tested
with regard to speed and precision.

Have you always had the dream of having your own pool table, here you can make the dream come true.

Here you will have a nice stable pool table of approx. 108 kg easy to assemble.

A pool table we can guarantee you will be happy, it is beautiful and complete with automatic return of the balls.

Individually adjustable feet allow the pool table to stand 100% in any way.

Length 213 cm Width 111 cm Height 81 cm.
Weight incl accessories 95kg.
Adjustable legs
Material: MDF Wood
Bands: K66 Rubber bands
Accessories: 1 set 2 1/4 "Balls 2 two-part cows 1 Triangular for baling 2 Crayons and brush to clean the pool table.
In all corners, wooden sticks are fitted, both inside and outside, to protect the extra during transport.
Stanlord - because quality and branded products are not required to cost extra.