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Stanlord Curling Curl2play

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Stanlord Curling Curl2play

Curling Curl2play

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Stanlord Curl2play now in a new version, Scandinavian`s new entertainment game number 1, simply some of the funniest, everyone can contribute to the game.

The game is made in a nice, delicious quality in a nice wrapping, easy to bring to the family or friends.

Stanlord Curl2play is an ideal game for the whole family, but can also be played as single or doubles.

Curl2play has got its breakthrough because of its credible transfer from real curling to board games, and the game can be played by winning types for hours. The game follows detailed rules.

Playing board 47.5cm x 190cm
Manual in Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and English
12 stones divided into 2 colors
3-piece gang
Storage box