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Stanlord Boules Pro incl. bag

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Stanlord Boules Pro incl. bag

Stanlord Boules Pro incl. bag

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"Petanque Pro in a luxury edition, including a sturdy bag for storing your petanque set.

Stanlord is a Danish brand that emphasizes quality and finish.

6 x Petanque balls with a diameter of 73cm, weight 720g (3 black and 3 silver)
1 x Measuring cord
1 x Wooden jack
1 x stylish storage bag"

Petanque is a French boules sport, often played outdoors on a court with gravel or sand. The game involves balls, also called boules, and a small target ball called the jack (gris or grisebasse in Danish). The goal is to throw or roll one's boules as close as possible to the jack while attempting to prevent the opponents' boules from getting closer.

Typically played by two teams, players take turns throwing their boules towards the jack. The team with the boule closest to the jack scores points. The game requires both precision and strategy, as players may try to knock opponents' boules out of position or strategically place their own boules to block the path for the opponents.