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Standlord fossball Monopoli "white edition"

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Standlord fossball Monopoli "white edition"

Standlord fossball Monopoli white edition.

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"Introducing Stanlord - the leading Danish brand revolutionizing the world of tabletop football and beyond. With a passion for design and a commitment to quality, Stanlord brings a new level of excitement and innovation to every game.

Football game from Stanlord, equipped with laminated wood.

Comes with 4 sturdy legs that make the table perfect for children or childlike souls.

A nice table where you get a lot for the low price.

There are football goals and counts on both sides, which comes with 2 x balls.

Handles in rubber. Perfect for smaller children who find it hard to reach the handles on the right gaming tables.

Dimensions: Length: 94cm Width: 51cm Height: 72cm Included: 2 balls

Stanlord - because quality and branded products are not required to cost extra.
When choosing your new game table, it is of course important to make sure the quality is in order and the table has been tested for normal use. There are many copy products on the market, and the differences can be extremely great for the overall experience of the table when you use it.
When you buy a game table from Stanlord, you get a product where attention is paid to the details and where there are many years of experience behind.
Additionally, the purchase of a Stanlord board has the advantage that spare parts are easy to obtain in case of accident.