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Metal detector MD3009-II
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Metal detector MD3009-II

Metal detektor MD3009-II

Varenummer: MD3009II
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Now you have the opportunity to find lost coins and jewelry, with this metal detector you can find coins down to a depth of 15 cm.

* Fulld automatically "ready to go"
* Sound and light effects (LED) when registering metal
* LED display, can be used where there is a lot of noise and hard to hear
* Search depth: 15cm
* Hidden cable, facilitates juxtaposition of the length
* Zero Motion Targeting function, for specification of the object
* Waterproof, can be used on low water.
* Can be used to look for the following metals: Iron, Nickel, Gold, Brass, Zinc, Copper, Silver, Aluminum
* Display with sensitivity setting
* Battery tests
* 165mm wide coil, waterproof
* Adjustable in length, adjust as required
* 3.5 mm headphone jack
* 6 AA batteries are required