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Carrom, Classic
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Carrom, Classic

Carrom, Classic

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Frame: beech, external size 820 x 820 x 30 mm.
Playing surface: MDF in beech-optic, size 730 x 730 mm and 8 mm thick.
Design: circle, print two colored, black and red.

Accessories: Carrom playing pieces + Striker standard, corner nets.

number of players: 2-4
recommended age: from age 6
playing time: ca. 10 minutes
playing instruction: DE, GB, FR, ES

Carrom is a similar game to billard. Playing this game you need technical and strategical skills.
At the beginning all playing pieces are put in the middle of the board in a certain position. Each player tries to sink his playing pieces in one of the holes.
Therefore you snap the striker from the baseline using your finger. Your turn continues as long as you keep sinking your playing pieces.
Winner is the one, who holes all playing pieces of his own colour first.